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Welcome to Sugars Legacy Stables brand new website!

It saddens me to hear that humans can treat each other with such distain. As per my rules since day one of joining the equestrian community, you MAY NOT upload, change, alter, recolor, or claim my meshes and textures as your own. I am working to report any person(s) who break my rules. DMCA claims will be filed. Such a shame as all some players had to do was ask and I would have given you permission. 

Today, I am working with a small group of players to revive SLS content for Sims 4. My meshes are officially closed off to the public. 

Apparently many humans have missed my rules, so let me be clear.....again....

You may NOT change, alter, re-upload, manipulate, convert, or steal any of my 3d digital meshes and creations. You may not convert to Sims 4. You may not charge others for my stolen work. You may not claim my work as your own.


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